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Egg Lay

Fertility booster with high quality egg production

Egglay is a one-step solution to increase fertility, egg quality and production by enriching over all health of the ovaries in conjugation with liver health in laying birds. It improves egg quality in reference to yolk weight and shell thickness with overall increase in weight of egg. EggLay product optimizes egg production in aged birds by lowering feed conversion ratio even after seventy-eight weeks of laying. It reduces stress in birds and prolongs duration of peak production with avoidance of post peak drop in egg production. EggLay promotes better nutrient absorption & intestinal balance of volatile fatty acids that maintain healthy weight with enhancement of egg quality.


Each 100 gm contains:

  • Yeast Complex
  • Organic Chromium
  • Zinc fortified with Manganese, Cobalt and Selenium
  • Capparis spinosa, Terminalia arjuna, Cichorium intybus, Solanum nigrum, Tamarix gallica, Achillea millefolium.


  • EggLay stimulate bird ovaries & enhance their fertility.
  • Enhance egg production per bird.
  • Higher quality egg production.
  • Increase absorption of nutrients.
  • Maintains balance of volatile fatty acids in intestine contributing to higher egg production.
  • Reduce stress on birds.
  • Maintain peak production for longer time.
  • Delays post peak drop in egg production.
  • Maintains uniformity in eggs by balancing yolk and albumin content.

Pack & Presentation

Powder: 1, 5 & 25 Kg

Liquid: 1,5 & 24 L



  • Pre- Lay ( 15th week onwards for a minimum of three weeks) : 1.5 Kg per tonne feed
  • Laying: 1 Kg per tonne feed for minimum period of 21 days
  • Breeder: 2 Kg per tonne feed

  • Layer: 1 L in 1000L of water
  • Breeder: 1.5 L in 1000L of water
  • Or as per direction of veterinarian
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