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Natu Choline

The most available Natural Choline

NATUCHOLINE is the most available choline & a natural blend of Choline occurs in nature called phosphatidylcholine. The combination of ingredients in this helps in new cell synthesis, growth, metabolism & eliminating liver ailments. Natucholine has multifarious activity in various bio-reactions of the body.

Key Benefits

  • Provides 100% natural Choline for optimum growth.
  • Controls fat metabolism hence prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Provides energy to remain in healthy & lively state
  • Keep the Liver in its vibrant state of performance hence there is production of optimum bile secretion and prevention from aflatoxicosis
  • Helpful in optimum cell synthesis hence it provides basic building blocks for newer cells. 
  • Prevents perosis in Poultry, keep feet in their healthy state.
  • Optimizes hatchability


  • Improves growth, FCR & Anabolic effect
  • Optimum production
  • Enhanced Convalescence
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Early recovery from skin diseases and wounds
  • Recovers Leg Weakness

Pack & Presentation

20 Kg


300 gm / Metric Ton can replace 1 Kg of synthetic choline chloride

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