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controls heart rate and blood clotting

Calcium is an essential nutrient for chickens as it has vital role in egg production, controls heart rate and blood clotting, promotes a healthy nervous system, supports growth and development and boosts bone strength. Not only does chickens need to build and support healthy bones, but they also need enough free calcium in their diet to produce a hard eggshell. Calcium affects hormone production, reproduction and controls muscle spasms that helps in the egg-laying process, which is essential for the formation of eggshells. Calcium utilization depends on vitamin D and phosphorus. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that affects calcium and phosphorus metabolism and regulates the amount of calcium to be released from the bones into the bloodstream.  


  • Calcium                                                     30 gm
  • Phosphorus                                                20 gm
  • Vitamin D3                                                 1600 IU
  • Vitamin B12                                                 6 gm
  • Phytase                                                       1200 IU
  • Active phytogenic component from Curcumin,
    Cissus quadrangularis
  • Base                                                             q.s


  • Build and support healthy bones.
  • Higher and quality egg production
  • Useful in Calcium deficiency
  • Controls muscle contractions in laying hens
  • Egg production and eggshell formation.

Pack & Presentation

1 Kg, 5 Kg & 25 Kg


  • 1 Kg per MT of feed
  • or as per direction of veterinarian/ poultry consultant.
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