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Essential Oil Based Natural Respiratory Tonic

RESPORAN Natural support healthy lungs and overall respiratory tract of target species. RESPORAN is a strong natural expectorant, natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial and have anti-coughing activity which helps in liquefying thick and sticky mucous which blocks the respiratory tract and main reason for causing mortality and morbidity. RESPORAN ease the breathing process and protect from pain and inflammation in respiratory tract. 


Each 100 ml contains:

  • Eucalyptus globulus 10 ml Thymus vulgaris 3 ml
  • Mentha piperita Menthol 5 ml
  • Cinnamomum camphora 10 ml
  • Ocimum sanctum 1ml
  • Emuisitying Base q.s. to 100 ml


  • Facilitates smooth breathing with maximum availability of oxygen 
  • Maintain respiratory system during the ever changing weather 
  • Keep respiratory system free from mucus due to mucolytic action
  • Promote mucus dilution
  • Reduces risk of stress, inflammation and pain in the respiratory tract

Pack & Presentation

500 ml, 1 lt. & 5 lt.


  • Regular dose = 2-3 ml per 100 birds
  • 200-250 ml/1000 Lt. water for prevention in farms recommended after Vaccination to protect from strong effect of vaccination         
  • 250 ml/1000 Lt. water to support at initial stage & other treatment as supportive
  • 500 Lt./1000 Lt.  water to support at chronic stage or as directed by veterinary consultant
  • For Farm as Spray: Mix the product in water 1 : 1000 & spray in the farm
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