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RAN India : Nurturing Animal Wellness with Tailored Nutrition Solutions

RAN India : Nurturing Animal Wellness with Tailored Nutrition Solutions

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RAN India : An Introduction

Rivansh Animal Nutrition Private Limited (RAN) is an ISO certified India based animal nutrition company serving world-wide.  With over 20 Years of experience under the banner of Govindnandsagar Agricultural in the production of Herbal raw materials and their usage, RAN was formed in the year of 2022 to benefits the animal healthcare industry via its animal nutrition products which are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients.

RAN India : Our Services

Our service portfolio includes clients from all over the world.  We serve different species of animal species such as ruminants, poultry, pigs, equines, pets, aqua animals with our safe, effective, highly nutritious and sustainable feed products.

RAN India’s mission is to produce high quality herbal products for animal healthcare & wellness but this goal is impossible to achieve without collaborating with other people and institutions in the industry, hence RAN India welcomes all such institutions to get benefit of its services. From producing raw material, product development, marketing to after sales support choose RAN India for all your animal Feed needs.

In a brief, RAN India offers services such as-

1) Development of new products.

2) Formulation of animal Feed.

3) Training sales teams.

4) Training to farmers and dealers.

5) Assistance in marketing activities.

6) Conducting Feed Plant audit programs.

7) Marketing animal additive products.

RAN India : Our Products

In a nation where pets are cherished members of countless households and livestock play a crucial role in rural economies, the demand for high-quality animal nutrition products is ever-present. RAN is stepping up to meet this demand with its a wide range of nutrition and animal feed products for different animals like pets cow, pig, horse, camel, fish, swine and other animals. To simply the products category, RAN has divided all its products into four main animal species categories:

1) Dairy

2) Aqua

3) Pet

4) Poultry & Swine

RAN India products

Behind every bag of RAN’s  products lies a meticulous process that begins with preparation of the finest ingredients. With a focus on quality , we prepare  raw material with technically approved sustainable practices to ensure the freshness and nutritional integrity of each batch, guaranteeing peace of mind for pet owners and farmers alike.

Conclusion :

 As India’s growing animal nutrition company, RAN is not just feeding animals – we’re nourishing a vision of healthier, happier lives for pets and livestock alike. With our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and community engagement, they’re paving the way for a brighter future in animal care across the world. Feel Free to contact us. RAN India is there for all your animal feed needs.

Email- sales@ranpvtltd.com     dimplekaparwa@gmai.com

Phone-  +91- 7303416903

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