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The Eucalyptus-Role In Respiratory Health

The Eucalyptus oil is most popular for the role it plays in the treatment of respiratory problems. Some of the conditions that it helps to treat include sore throat, bronchitis, cold & asthma. It  have very strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral properties that are beneficial in dealing with respiratory problems. It’s for these reasons that respiratory products manufacturers use this tree as a major ingredient in the making of eucalyptus respiratory products. These products are used in the treatment of respiratory problems as well, and hence, have a higher demand in the market as people are now realizing their benefits.


There are so many species of the eucalyptus, and they may have different chemical constituents. The good news, however, is respiratory products manufacturers indicate the specific species that is used as an ingredient in the making of a product. Therefore, a consumer will have the knowledge about it, However as it may be confusing, it’s good to do some research so that a clear understanding of what a consumer is using can be derived.

The eucalyptus globulus, for example, is among the most harvested eucalyptus by manufacturers. The tree produces an essential oil that has a fresh penetrating scent that carries with it a large portion of eucalyptol that supports the respiratory system.

How the eucalyptus works

The eucalyptus usually contains some natural chemicals which are used for making of respiratory products. It has compounds that carry properties such as antispasmodic, antibacterial & antiviral organisms as well as decongestant characteristics. These, for example, are as a result of a compound chemical known as cineole, which is the active ingredient in a eucalyptus. It works to ease coughs and cures other respiratory problems as a result.


Antioxidants in eucalyptus make it very useful in treating cold or flu as it gives the immune system some extra strength. The eucalyptus is also said to contain anti irritation properties, and is therefore, a good cure for throat irritation. Inhaling eucalyptus products like the oil causes an increase in the uptake of oxygen to the bloodstream from the lungs as well.

The eucalyptus is a key ingredient used by respiratory products manufacturers & used by herbalists who make them available for use by people. If you are suffering from any kind of respiratory ailment, try eucalyptus products and you will see yourself come to recovery in a short time.

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